You’ve been accepted to your desired university, so what’s next? There are a number of things such as accommodation, transportation, making new friends, etc. that can be nerve-wracking to many of the students.

Don’t panic!! It’s not only you who is trying to figure this out, everybody at some point goes through these things.

To help you out, we’ve put together the essential checklist that you should complete before university starts.

Orientation weekEvery institution runs numerous fun and helpful activities and events before your period of study. The main focus of these events (orientation program) is to help you ease into the curricular and help you meet different people. These events provide a great opportunity to help you sort out any doubts you have. You might as well look into joining different student clubs at the university. This is a great way to establish connections outside your course.

Consider transportation to and from university/college: Take the time to explore and plan how you are going to travel to campus. Consider the different modes available. You could even take the time to travel to the university before the semester starts, so as to know the exact where your stops are. 

Familiarise yourself with different buildings and faculty: This is the most recommended step before starting university. Campus tours are available during O-week programs to get you familiar with the buildings and other places inside the campus. This helps you know the place and room where your classes are scheduled at. Many universities also provide online university maps to assist you to find different places on campus. You can walk around with these maps at your own pace.

Get ahead with your student portal accounts: Student portals are another starting point for the university. Student portal helps you learn about your weekly and exam timetables. Student portals and student email account helps keep you up to date with your course content and other activities happening around the university. It is recommended to check these portals 3-4 days/week.


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