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Australia Higher Education General Information:

Australia’s Higher Education Sector is world class and all Australia’s universities have highly active and comprehensive international programs. Universities in Australia have been welcoming international students for more than a century, and today most campuses boast an ethnic mix in the student body of 50 or more nationalities. Cultural sensitivity, tolerance of religious observance and freedom of expression are proudly promoted and encouraged by all Australian universities.

Although every Australian university is autonomous and sets its own standards and course offerings, each belongs to a unified national system which ensures that at undergraduate level, all Australian university degrees are nominally of equal quality. Australian universities are not officially ranked, as in some countries, but instead are characterized by the types of courses they offer. While some are more traditional and place great emphasis on research, others are more actively engaged in practical teaching, producing workforce-ready, skilled graduates. Some universities also specialize in course and research programs according to their location. For example, regional or country universities might offer programs in Agriculture, Ecology and Animal Husbandry, while universities with campuses in tropical regions might have developed courses in Tropical Medicine, Marine Biology and the like.

Taken collectively, the variety of programs available at Australian universities is as comprehensive as anywhere in the world. The structure of Australian Higher Education follows a common 3+2+3 international model. That is to say, the first (undergraduate) degree – usually Bachelor – is normally of 3 years duration. This might be followed by a Master’s degree, usually 2 years, and finally candidates may aspire to a doctoral qualification, e.g. PhD, usually 3 years in duration. There are variations, with some professional undergraduate degrees requiring 4 or more years and some Master’s degrees (by coursework), are available in 1.5 year of study. “Honors” are available as extensions to some Bachelor degrees, and a student with “First Class Honors”, i.e. very good grades, may fast-track to a doctoral degree.

ISES Higher Education Consultancy:

International Student Exchange Services (ISES) offers guidance and counselling services to international students in relation to courses and school selection in Australia. We are experts in Australia Education and we provide professional advice tailored to students’s needs. ISES is run by experienced counsellors and Australian graduates who have the same study experience in Australia as our students.

We are taking a very strong ethical approach to our business and we have built a good profile and credibility within the student community. We take a step further and in addition to simply placing students at institution, we help them during their time at the institution if they need us. 

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