For general student’s dependent visa, such as visa 573, it is required to have a marriage certificate or other related documents to prove that student and the dependent have lived together for at least a year.

It is accepted to apply to study in Australia while students do not meet the English requirement. Most schools provide ELICOS, which aims to help students to improve their English proficiency. Students can meet their IELTS requirement via studying ELICOS for a suitable duration.

Fast track course is one of Diploma courses. It is more suitable for students who have no Australian educational background.
Fast track course is generally organised in small size of class, and a trimester system to help students to adapt and prepare themselves for university study. Fast track course is generally equal to Year 1 study in Bachelor degree. Upon completion of fast track study, students might continue to their Year 2 Bachelor study.

It is a compulsory requirement for all overseas students to purchase health insurance (OSHC). ISES can help students to purchase OSHC.

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