Successful Cases

Sucessful Cases:

Case 1 Postgraduate Applicant without a Related Academic Background

Case Analysis
Miss CHEN, a business graduate from Griffith University, has average results of credit. She got rejected the first time she applied Master of Aviation Management. Molly, from ISES, suggested Miss CHEN to submit a personal statement based on her family background, personal interests and academic history. Meanwhile, Molly also advised Miss CHEN to obtain recommendation letters from her previous professors. With all the supplement application documents submitted, Miss CHEN successfully received her offer for Master of Aviation Management.

Tips from ISES
For some master applications, it is compulsory to have a previous related discipline study from a recognised higher education institution. For students who are interested in the majors that they do not meet prerequisite academic requirement, they might as well have to provide a personal statement. In addition, recommendation letters from previous lecturers would increase their chances of success.

Case 2 Transfer to other school within 6-month study period

Case Analysis
Mr BU would like to transfer to study Hotel Management in other school after 4 months study in UniSA. According to the related requirement, a release letter from the school which the student is enrolled with is required if the student chooses to transfer to other schools within 6 months study. Sylvia, from ISES, helped to submit a personal statement expressing Mr BU’s interest and reasons to transfer. With Sylvia’s help, Mr BU’s transfer request has been approved and he also got his offer for Hotel Management.

Tips from ISES

Generally, students are required to study the main course excluding the ELISCOSfor at least 6 months in one institution to be able to transfer to another institution. However, if students would like to transfer to other schools within 6 months of study, students should provide a detailed statement regarding the reasons of transfer.

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