Successful Cases

Successful Cases:

Case1 – 1 year resident return visa granted (PR-155RRV), reunited with husband who has serious illness.
【Case Analysis】
Ms. Gan, from Shanghai, born in 1973,. Currently holds a 155 return visa. Records in Australia only six months, returning to Australia seeking PR visa extension.
Ms. Gan has had five years of PR visa, because her husband was seriously ill, and work reasons, do not meet the residence requirement.
ISES Education Group immigration consultant Jenny Tan analyzed Ms. Gan’s personal circumstances, and according to the company background for which she worked, asked them to provide the employment contract, and letters of recommendation and related documents. Jenny also asked her to explain her personal family background and so on. Finally, the visa officer showed that he could understand the situation of the applicant and approved a one-year resident return visa.

【Tips from ISES】
Since the law change in 2012, Australian resident return visa has more strict requirements. Visa officers will assess the business contact, cultural contact, employment contact, and personal family ties to decide whether the applicant has met the eligibility criteria. If the condition are not satisfied, or the documents are not sufficient. It is likely the visa will be refused and only 3 months visa will be granted.

Case2. Partner visa granted after 2 months and 20 days marriage.
【Case Analysis】
Miss Zhang holds a student visa and her husband Mr. Su is a PR, they have been living together for 2 years although they just married for 2 months. Secondly, they have very few shared property. Because they have been working while studying, so they lived a very simple life, not much property, having several separation record.

After careful data collection, ISES immigration consultant Jenny lodged an application on January 18, 2012 with all the supporting documents to the department. It only took 20 days that Miss Zhang’s visa was granted.

【Tips from ISES】
Partner visa involves large number of documents and needs clear timelines in place. A genuine relationship cannot guarantee the grant of visa. Timeline and other evidences are also very important.

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