Before you apply for the school, you have to know why want to study in Australia, which study plan is more suitable for you, which visa you will apply. It is very important that you have basic instruction on your overseas study. The following ten factors you may need are about: the tuition fee, the reputation of school, the city of the school, the detailed information of the courses, the detailed information of the subjects, the prospective opportunities of your future job, the possibility of immigration after graduation, the timetable of the courses, and the family’s financial capacity. Furthermore, the students should have the basic overview of the Australian education system, local job market, immigration policy, and the general feedback of international students. Usually, only the experts in this area can offer you some useful advice, otherwise it may be possible to spend millions with nothing. Additionally, Australian Visa is diversified into two: one is paper visa and another one is online visa. The former may need 12 to 16 weeks to get, and the latter is only 2 to 6 weeks. However the online visa is only open for agents, and the individuals are not allowed to lodge by themselves.

In Australia, every year 12 student will have a final chance to get high score to enter universities. If the students cannot achieve good marks in Year 12, they can choose to repeat Year 12. Students can also take pathway to go to universities. For instance, they can enrol in TAFE, diploma and foundation courses.

We require important papers in the first stage so that we can have an overview on your information. If you haven’t given sufficient information, your application may be rejected by the immigration office.

It is highly recommended that you prepare all your documents in the first stage.. The visa office goes through application regarding the lodgement time. The more sufficient your documents are, the earlier you can get your visa. Try to leave enough time to apply for your visa.

Once you get your visa from the Department of Home Affairs, you can start preparing for the payment of your tuition fee.

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