Recent Successful Cases

Successful Cases:

Case 1 
Case Analysis
Wang was a junior high student back in China who was the champion of International Robot Club as well. However, he didn’t get high score in AEAS test, and school rejected his offer. For the regular AEAS test schedule is every three months for one student. At that time, both his parents and the student were upset. After our colleague Rex knew this situation, we helped him find another school—Kilvinton Grammar School, which has its own robot club. We explained this student’s special expertise to the school, and they offered an opportunity for the student to study at their school.

Tips from ISES
There are more than hundreds of secondary schools, and each school has their special advantages. When it comes to making decisions which schools the children should go, parents should not only look at the school academic rank, but also pay attention to whether the school is suitable for children’s personalities.

Case 2 
Case Analysis
Li,, whose parents are working for local government, comes from Fujiang. However during the online investigation, there were some misunderstandings between the parents and migration officer. Our colleague Jaycee realized that it would affect the student’s study visa, so they helped his parents to reorganize all the documents and explained to the immigration officer as well. In addition, our colleague recalculated all the incomes of his parents, and finally met the requirement.

Tips from ISES
Visa title 571 is very strict on family’s financial capacity. If parents don’t have enough income or there is some fraud in the statement of parents’ financial capacity, it is most likely the visa will be rejected by the immigration officer. What is important is that parents should have sufficient documents to support their income statement and also make sure all the documents support each other.

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