Course selection

Course Selection
(Australian Secondary Education)

Australian secondary schools follow government’s standards in designing their syllabi to maintain high standard education level (SACE). All the secondary school’s curricula involves eight subjects: English, Math, Social work, Science, Art, Second language, Technology, personal development and Physical Education. Besides, around 90% of Australian secondary schools also provide vocational training.

A large number of Australian secondary schools also provide the International Baccalaurean Diploma Program (IB). This subject is a two-year course and focuses on 16 to 19 year-old high school students. Some Australian students also use it as a pathway to go to universities. Both Australian and international universities recognize this certificate.

Extra-curricular activities are necessary parts for local high schools. For international students, it is a great chance to improve their English through social communication, and it is an efficient way for students to experience the new environment. Participating in activities has become the big part for university to issue students offers.

Furthermore, both private and public schools focus on improving students’ ability to survive and get ready to enter the society. Schools will be more than happy to offer students opportunities to do practices. Generally, in year 10, students can choose social internships, which may relate to their future careers. In addition, schools organize lots of community work for students as well, which will benefit them while entering university or work.

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